We do the right thing.

At MLPG, customer service means everything to us. Our entire ecosystem is based on the customer experience journey, which is why we are known for correcting operational deficiencies, raising the level of service, increasing value, and realizing amazing ROI.


We lead by example.

Our management style is as personal as it is professional. Our hands-on approach, coupled with our management expertise, translates into relationships, resources, and systems that generate exciting opportunities for asset enhancement and future growth.


We work together. We win together.

Operating multifamily communities is our specialty, and at MLPG we focus on the “family” part of the equation. We treat our team members like family, our residents as owners, and our vendors as partners. This collaborative approach creates a better environment in which to work, live, and serve.


We treat all with dignity and respect.

By listening first, then giving attention to the needs of our customers, we provide preferred living spaces and optimal work environments. Our flexible, customized management plans allow us to tailor operational practices to the specific needs of our communities, team members, and vendors.


We keep it real, always.

Let’s face it: in our business, we face challenges daily and we work to find creative solutions. At MLPG, we hold ourselves accountable for the decisions we make, and we realize that when we put people first, the bottom line takes care of itself. It’s just that simple.

Our Philosophy

We value people just as much as the assets we manage... 
and it shows in everything we do.

Our Strategy

At ML Property Group, we've found that when we put people first, 
the bottom line takes care of itself. It's that simple.

Our Vision

We don't compare ourselves to competitors. As a company, 
we evaluate where we are now, versus where we are going.

ML Property Group IS

Professional. Approachable. 
Genuine. Relevant. Competent.

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